LNDR Flux Ankle Length Legging - Womens
LNDR Flux Ankle Length Legging - Womens
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LNDR Flux Ankle Length Legging - Womens

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Whether you’re turning up the heat by adjusting the thermostat in the studio or pushing yourself harder outside, you need the LNDR Women’s Flux Ankle Length Legging. It’s constructed with a synthetic blend that wicks away moisture as you sweat and breathes well to keep you comfortable as you train. The extended waistband comfortably holds the leggings in place without chafing or putting excess pressure on any spot. LNDR used odor-resistant yarn to ensure that you can move on with your day without changing.

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Very Good!

A LNDR Flux Ankle Length Legging - Womens and pants will be the best for summers, while a fleece monitor top is wonderful for fall months and winter training as it locks high temperature in the torso.


  • Synthetic material manages moisture
  • Wide waistband is comfortable and secure
  • Odor-resistant yarn minimizes smells
  • Item #LNR000A

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