Smartwool Birkie Crew Sock - Womens
Smartwool Birkie Crew Sock - Womens
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Smartwool Birkie Crew Sock - Womens

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Socks and sandals may be considered a fashion faux-pas most places, but 12 out of 10 Pacific Northwesterners agree the pairing is divine. Whether you re wearing them with every hippie s favorite sandal or more, uh, all-weather footwear, the Smartwool Women s Birkie Crew Sock is sure to have you smitten with its ribbed cuff, supportive arch, and Virtually Seamless toe stitching. The cozy merino wool blend offers natural temperature regulation and is odor resistant so you can play disc golf in comfort.

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Very Good!

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  • Made from a slightly stretchy merino wool blend
  • Midweight crew-cut style features a ribbed cuff
  • Virtually Seamless toe stiching for no-fuss comfort
  • Item #SWL00TE

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