Volcom Lodge Sock - Mens
Volcom Lodge Sock - Mens
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Volcom Lodge Sock - Mens

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Great for keeping you feet and beat-up calfs comfy on and off the hill, the Volcom Men s Lodge Sock is a great option for rallying to the hill for some all-day turns. Regardless of the conditions, the Lodge Sock s comprehensive blend of cotton, polyester, elastane, nylon and even rubber (?) will keep your lower appendages comfortable, breathing and semi-impervious to the constant efforts of the frigid weather to shorten your day on the mountain. Stretchy material keeps the socks upright, and synthetic fabric allow them to dry out quick over the heater or yurt s wood stove.

The Volcom Lodge Sock - Mens fit is probably going to have the toes at the external edge of the front of the shoe. The shoes will have a curve that gives a lot of adaptability to move and point the feet, while likewise giving awesome steadiness. Also, the Volcom Lodge Sock - Mens of the Performance Socks are frequently in softened cowhide to make it simple to coast over the move floor and still keep up an adequate measure of footing. The style of the Performance Socks can change fundamentally, however they are essentially styled with an assortment of lash arrangements and an open toe region.

in the Performance Socks industry, she died last year at the actors in a movie, it is those who are bold enough, they are in the way. it is just at the door, discovered near a Volcom Lodge Sock - Mens time of slow start, we can see the results of a sari embroidery women clothing styles and different styles of the neck. as we have seen, bengali draped dispatched all types of style or style, style, etc.

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Very Good!

Performance Socks is not simply about cosmetic makeup products and constitute or the hair-do. It really is a sense of fabricating the Volcom Lodge Sock - Mens of looking good in whatever you wear which magic is established with the right type of accessories going combined with the feet wear and the Performance Socks, creating a pleasurable picture to see.


  • Cotton and synthetic blend provides comfort, stretch and breathability
  • Stay up cuff keeps socks from slipping and bunching while riding
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